There were problems, but everyone has been paid: Zafar Khan


No player has gone on record to confirm the disgruntlement

No player has gone on record to confirm the disgruntlement

Amidst reports speculating non-payment of players at the Masters Champions League (MCL), Zafar Shah, the brain behind the tournament assured that all players have been paid and that there are no such looming grievances, adding that the players are focussed on the game and are at their competitive best.

“There were some teething problems and because the guys are coming from all over the world, there must have been some problem in transferring. But I’m sure that everyone has been paid according to their contracts,”

“If there are 100-200 people in your family, there will always be one who says he’s not happy with the food. What can you do? It’s like managing a big family right now. I’m sure the players understand, and that’s why they are playing here with a good heart and a focussed mind,” he added.

There have been increasing whispers with regards to the disgruntlement of players from certain franchises who have not been paid the amount that they were due at this stage of the tournament. Speculations were rife of players threatening to abstain from participating in further matches if they did not receive their payments by a certain set deadline. C.

A spokesman for the MCL said that the tournament’s organisers had stepped in to resolve the teething issues, that were bound to occur as the league was taking place for the first time and that the players from all the franchises will be paid in full.

The MCLs commitment is always about protecting the players,” he said. “That is why this tournament was launched. We wanted to look after the players after their retirement.

“It is a concept the players believe in, we believe in, and the team owners believe in. The MCL is committed to giving players a second wind. It is about giving them a second chance at the game they have played for so long. We are there for the players, that is why we have put this on,” he added.

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