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MS Dhoni: The Untold Story’ became the biopic with the biggest opening. Cricket fans loved the movie and critics rated it well. Sponsored by the Indian skipper himself, the movie showed how Ranchi boy ‘Mahi’ went on to become the successful captain of the Indian cricket team, stuff we mostly knew.

Despite the good reviews, people noticed a couple of loopholes in the movie. Dhoni’s hair growing seven inches in two months and a 1990 poster of Sachin wearing India’s 2011 ODI jersey were two of the many errors the makers of the movie thought we wouldn’t notice.

‘Here’s what else the movie failed to show us correctly:

Where’s The Other Dhoni?

MS Dhoni and his elder brother NS Dhoni. (Photo Courtesy: Youtube Screengrab)

The biopic showed MS Dhoni’s sister Jayanti, but completely omitted his elder Narendra Singh Dhoni. A well-known politician in Ranchi, NS Dhoni joined the Bharatiya Janata Party in 2009 but later shifted to Samajwadi Party in 2013. Speculations suggest that the cricketer is not in touch with his elder brother, who now lives elsewhere with his wife and two children.

Dhoni Has Lovely Hair, But Not Garnier

Depiction of MS Dhoni brand endorsements is flawed too. Sushant Singh Rajput, who plays Dhoni’s character in the film, is shown endorsing several brands, including Finolex, Garnier and Lava.

Brand ambassador for Lava mobile phones, Dhoni is shown endorsing the brand in 2008, whereas it was only founded in 2009. And the cricketer signed with the mobile brand only in 2016.

While Dhoni has never endorsed either Finolex or Garnier, Sushant Singh Rajput is the brand ambassador for the hair product. Guess Sushant did such a good job of portraying the batsmen, the makers got confused.

Untold’ Story of Sakshi and MS

Mahendra Singh Dhoni with his wife, Sakshi Dhoni at the biopic’s premier. (Photo: Yogen Shah)

The movie portrays Dhoni and Sakshi as complete strangers who meet each other at the Taj Bengal.

In the movie, Dhoni’s wife Sakshi was correctly shown as the Taj Bengal intern who met MS on her last day at the hotel before she moved to Aurangabad.

What remained ‘untold’, however, was that Sakshi and Dhoni had known each other much earlier. The two went to the same school and MS Dhoni’s father Paan Singh Dhoni and Sakshi’s father worked together in Ranchi. However, the two lost touch when Sakshi moved with her family to Dehradun.

Guess destiny played its part as Dhoni and Sakshi met at the Taj Bengal and began dating soon after. And in 2010, Sakshi Singh became Sakshi Singh Dhoni.

MS Dhoni And The Wrong Chronology of Events With Girlfriend Priyanka Jha

Disha Patani plays the role of MS Dhoni’s girlfriend Priyanka Jha in MS Dhoni: The Untold Story.

The movie revealed parts of Dhoni’s love story with his girlfriend Priyanka Jha, who people didn’t know much about. But the chronology of events depicted in the movie were incorrect. The movie showed that Dhoni and Priyanka met after India’s 2005 ODI against Pakistan while the cricketer was on his way from Kochi to Vizag.

In reality however, Priyanka met Dhoni way back in 2002, when the cricketer was still aspiring to be in the Indian team. And when Dhoni was playing the 2003-04 tri-series with the India A squad in Kenya, Priyanka lost her life in a car accident in India and never saw Dhoni playing an ODI for India.

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